QueueNull documentation

QueueNull - object oriented interface to a null directory based queue.

A port of Perl module Directory::Queue::Null http://search.cpan.org/dist/Directory-Queue/ The documentation from Directory::Queue::Null module was adapted for Python.

QueueNull class

QueueNull - null directory based queue.


from dirq.QueueNull import QueueNull

# sample producer

dirq = QueueNull()
for count in range(1,101):
    name = dirq.add("element %i\n" % count)


The goal of this module is to offer a “null” queue system using the same API as the other directory queue implementations. The queue will behave like a black hole: added data will disappear immediately so the queue will therefore always appear empty.

This can be used for testing purposes or to discard data like one would do on Unix by redirecting output to /dev/null.

Please refer to dirq.queue for general information about directory queues.


Konstantin Skaburskas <konstantin.skaburskas@gmail.com>